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Every brand we build, & every interaction we create must not only look beautiful, but has to feel and function beautifully, too.

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Logo Prototyping

Before any of the tech jargon, design chops, or programming skills related to making a website come into play, your site has to take shape as a solid idea. Having a clear understanding of your site’s mission will help inform your design, content, and structural choices later on, so step one is to get that mission nailed down.

So, is the website for a business hoping to connect with customers online and alert them to upcoming events and sales?

5 Weeks

01. Description & Solution

After you have a clear idea of your website’s function and target audience, the design phase involves planning out how the site will be arranged and what it will look like. Web design is the art of creating the aesthetics.

Web design can be its own specific career path, but—when you’re taking a stab at your first website—you’ll probably be designing it AND developing it yourself (more on developing a website below).

This is the part where your ideas and mockups get turned into the real, digital product—the step where you actually “make” (or develop) your website. Web development is the process that takes place following web design, and—like design—can be its own dedicated tech career path. Web design can be its own specific career path.

02. Results

Nike continues to be one of the most popular brands when it comes to sports shoes. Today, Nike is more than just shoes, they offer their customers the opportunity to connect with athletes like Michael Jordan and Steve Prefontaine. Detail oriented and results driven, our project management team keep your project running smoothly, effectively communicating expectations to everyone involved—field employees, subcontractors, architects, owners and beyond. This helps ensure quality, schedule and that we’re all working toward same goal—your project’s successful completion! Customers feel that somehow, albeit in a very small way, they are part of the lives of these great athletes.

The best you can do is to create a social media voice that interacts with individuals and communities. You need to create a persona for social media platforms. Your persona should be honest, inspiring, authoritative but still warm and friendly. Your aim should be to effectively engage the audience using simple but effective language.

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